5 Tips For Planning Your Vacation

Ready to hop a plane and get away from it all? Plan the trip of your dreams by keeping these things in mind.

5: Accommodation

Where will you stay? More importantly, what can you afford? There’s a world of difference between a luxury hotel and a beach bungalow, and how much you spend on accommodation will affect the budget of your entire trip.

4: Attractions

Know what you’d like to do (swim, surf, snowboard) and plan your vacation around your itinerary, not the other way around. Decide where you want to go in advance. Make a short list of places you don’t want to leave without visiting.

3: Season

Depending on your destination, the time of year can play a big part in how much you enjoy your vacation. Make sure you’re not traveling during a country’s rainy season or biggest tourist rush!

2: Cost

Decide how much you can spend on this trip, then form a working budget for when you get there. Remember, a vacation is all about having a good time, so if you plan these things in advance then you don’t have to worry about them later.

1: Destination

This is the most important part of planning a vacation, and it should be decided first, before anything else. Where exactly do you want to go? Not all countries are created equal. Some islands are more tropical than others; some mountains offer better thrills than the rest. Before you book any flights or make any non-refundable deposits, make sure you’re satisfied with your choice in vacation destinations. More info: New Zealand vacation

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