Air Conditioning

Some people love the summer. They will head to the beach every chance they get. Hikers will get out onto the trails on days when the sun is shining, and the air is clear. People trying to keep in shape will run on the local jogging trails. Children will be outside playing from early morning until the time the sun goes down. All of these things are what make summer so appealing to outdoor enthusiasts. During the summer, there are heatwaves that can curtail some of those outdoor activities.

A heatwave is when the temperature gets over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for a few days in a row. Some heatwaves last for less than three or four days, and other heatwaves can strangle a city in heat for over a week. Precautions need to be taken when the heat is that suffocating and lasts for that long. The quality of the breathable air can be extremely bad. People with medical conditions can feel that type of heat more profoundly than those who are healthy.

Medical professionals will advise people to stay indoors as much as possible with the air conditioning running to cool off. Those with medical issues and those with asthma should stay inside and try not to exert themselves. If the heat is bad enough, local community centers will ask that the elderly and those without air conditioning who absolutely need it should make use of their facilities. Even those people who are extremely healthy should cut back on the length and timing of their outdoor activities. More info: air conditioning CHICAGO

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