Christian Bracelets Are The Perfect Gift

One of the most popular styles of bracelet is the Christian bracelet. Women and men who want to express their faith can choose bracelets in silver, gold, and pewter. When you design your own Christian bracelets, you can buy ready made link bracelets at a craft store and choose a variety of charms to attach to the bracelet. Christian symbol charms are sold in a variety of styles and colors.

Christian bracelets make perfect gifts for baptisms, First Communion, confirmation, and quinceaneras. One of the most popular styles are bracelets which tell the story of the Gospel. The bracelets are created with different colored beads to represent different parts of the story. Gold is representative of heaven’s streets of gold. A black bead is used for sin. Red is for Christ’s blood that was sacrificed for us. White is to represent Jesus. A blue bead signifies baptism, and green is to show the wearer is growing in the Lord. This style of bracelet is sometimes referred to as a witness or salvation bracelet.

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