Different Types Of Salon Aprons

Anyone who works in a beauty salon or barber shop understands the importance of salon aprons. Salon aprons are often a hairdresser’s best friend for a number of reasons. First of all, salon aprons help to keep stray hair from landing on a hairdresser’s clothing, which keeps a hairdresser clean and itch-free all day long, even on busy days. Good salon aprons also feature at least one or two pockets for a hairdresser’s convenience. These pockets come in handy for storing personal items close at hand or for carrying combs, hairbrushes, spray bottles, styling gels and other important items from station to station.

Salon aprons typically come in a solid black color. This is convenient because it does not show dirt and hair as easily as salon aprons that come in white or other light colors. However, it is not necessary for salon aprons to be black all of the time. A hairdresser can show her own personal style off by purchasing salon aprons in bright colors. By having several different salon aprons in different c

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