Great Lures For Smallmouth Bass

The smallmouth bass is a freshwater fish and thanks to its tough fighting style is a popular game fish with sport anglers. The smallmouth is a carnivorous predator and there are certain fishing lures that can exploit that aggressiveness.

Smallmouth lures that work the best are those that resemble the food sources in the smallmouth’s habitat. The common diet of the smallmouth includes minnows, crayfish and insects. Most types of softbait lures that resemble or mimic those sources are quite successful in tempting the smallmouth to bite.

The versatile jig and grub combination can also work well. Whether used just under the surface to make ripples or bounced along the bottom this lure combo can be irresistible to the aggressive smallmouth.

Artificial dry and wet flys have shown to be successful since they can be bought or tied to resemble the insects that the smallmouth typically feeds on. Let the fly float on or just below the surface over shallow and rocky areas.

Floating poppers can be a deadly More info: smallmouth bass lures

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