How To Get Affordable Child Care Manhattan

Finding affordable child care Manhattan can be a nightmare. Not only is Manhattan one of the most expensive areas in the United States for housing, it’s also one of the most expensive for child care too. There are, however, a few options for parents who need affordable child care, and they don’t all require you taking your child to an expensive private day care center.

Start your search for affordable child care in Manhattan by looking for child care services that are run out of someone’s home. While not as monitored by the city as are private day care centers, if you find a good child care service that’s run out of someone’s home, they can be just as good due to having less children per caregiver.

Ask friends and family if they know anyone who takes care of children for a living, or who would like a job as a full-time caregiver in your home. Hiring someone for an au pair position, even someone from overseas, can be cheaper than paying for a large day care center. Plus, if you hire someone from overseas and have a room they can stay in, the amount you pay in cash for child care would be less too.

Finally, don’t forget the churches in your neighborhood. Various churches in Manhattan have child care groups and, as some are subsidized by the church, they can end up being quite affordable. Call the administrative offices of any churches in your neighborhood to ask if they provide such a service, and if it is open to all. More info: Child Care Manhattan

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