Occupied Japan Antiques

Items introduced into America during the Occupation were obligated be labeled that they were “Made in Occupied Japan”. These highly collectible items are often very desirable on the antique market. It is not uncommon to see the something that is “Made in Japan “or” Japan” and while the have some value, they do not compare to the other items marked during the Occupation.

So what are the items marked “Occupied Japan” that dealers are looking for? There is a wide range of items from Toby Mugs to Piano Babies and various other things such as salt and pepper shakers. The value on these items is great and some of the more coveted pieces will demand more. A basic set of piano babies can go for upwards of $100. The size will also determine the market value, as the larger pieces are deemed more valuable. As with anything on the current market, demand is everything. If a collector wants a certain piece, it may go for way more than the current value at auction.

The pieces were made after WWII when the allied occupied Japan. The range these pieces were produced around 1945 and continued for a few years. It dates the piece and thus makes it very valuable for the collector. Every heard of the famous Lefton? Lefton was one of the makers of the “”Made in Occupied Japan” items. Along with this famous company, Mikado and Noritake also still make items today and also made them back then.

Regardless of what the piece is, they are still highly collectible and have great value. It is one of the most desired pieces by collectors and dealers love to get their hands on them.
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