Quick Facts About Foot Surgery

There are a variety of conditions in the feet and ankles that can require the need for surgery, and most of the time these surgeries are performed by podiatric surgeons.

Bunions are a common condition that are characterized by a bulging of bone on the side of the big toe. Most bunions do not require surgery, but if the pain becomes intense and cannot be relieved with medications or comfortable shoes, surgery may be necessary. There are several surgical procedures available for bunions, and while the patient generally is able to leave the hospital after one or two hours, recovery time can take several weeks.

Heel spurs are located on the bottom of the heel bone and can be present at birth or develop later in life. Surgery may be necessary if the pain is intense and all other options have been unsuccessful. There are several types of surgery for heel spurs, and it is best if the patient discusses the options with a surgeon to determine which surgery is appropriate for his or her condition.

The treatment of foot fractures varies and depends on the severity of the injury. If the bone is displaced, surgery may be necessary to move the bone to its proper position, and pins or screws may be needed to allow the bone to heal properly. It is important to seek medical attention immediately to eliminate the risk of further damage.

Any type of surgery has a risk of complications, and there is no guarantee that it will relieve the pain completely. It is important that less invasive treatments are exhausted before agreeing to any surgical procedure.
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