Recycled Paper Brochures Help The Environment

Companies use a lot of paper products to promote the items they sell or the services they provide. Brochures are made of paper which is printed on to provide information or display images about the company. To reduce the impact these paper products have on the environment, there are printing companies who use recycled paper for the production of business materials. This is known as brochure printing that is eco friendly. The companies who offer this service will usually have different grades of paper available for clients to choose for their brochures.

Brochures can be made to fold out in different ways. Depending on how much information the company wants to include in a brochure, the finished item could be made to have as many as twelve individual folds. Printing companies will also offer options for the layout and text fonts used for the project. Companies who offer their services online will usually have websites with drop down menus for the options which are available. An online company can also create a proof of the finished design and send it as an e-mail to the client at no additional charge.

In addition to creating brochures, printing companies can also make business cards, presentation folders and postcards using paper that is one hundred percent recycled. The back side of each item will have the recycled symbol printed on it so customers receiving these items will know the company is working to help save the environment. Brochures can be sent through the mail or handed out at trade show events.

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