Taking Familiarization Flights With Piper Malibu Training

On any Piper Malibu training, especially if you are a new pilot or new to the Piper Malibu, you will be expected to fly several familiarization flights. What these are are specific flights of around two hours each that will get you familiarized with the Piper Malibu and all it has to offer.

Piper Malibu training familiarization flights include ones where you’ll learn all the basic functions. The next familiarization flight may be to help you with practice landings and take offs. Another one will probably cover climbs, turns and other maneuvers to get you used to how the Piper Malibu flies.

All of these Piper Malibu training flights are essential if you want to master flying the aircraft. More info: piper malibu training

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