The Facts And Effects Of Clodronate Liposomes

Clodronate liposome is used to research the effects it has in reducing macrophage in lab animals. The liposome basically “houses” the clodrosome so that it is properly and effectively delivered to the specimen. How clodronate liposomes work is highly scientific and complicated.

Once the animal is injected with clodronate liposomes, the macrophage comes into contact with the foreign clodronate liposomes and works to destroy them. First, the macrophage “eats” the liposomes and reduces the Ph level of the liposome, causing the membrane to burst and release the clodrosome. Then, it tricks the body into being an unusable form of ATP and then binds itself to a specific portion of the mitochondrion. This leave an open spot and essentially destroys the mitochondrion and in turn kills the cell.

The site of injection influences which parts of the body that it works on. For example, if injected straight into the lungs, it will help destroy macrophage in the lungs. This works for lymph nodes, organs and blo

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