The Wonder Of Transmissions

Transmissions are wonderful creations that allow us to fully utilize a vehicle without paying exorbitant amounts at the gas pump. Without them, our vehicles would suffer from low top speeds and slow acceleration that would leave us wasting much of our day simply trying to get from one point to another. If you are unsure of how a transmission works, there are a few simple things to keep in mind that are universal to the operation of nearly all transmissions in the world.

A transmission utilizes a set of gears of different sizes to assist in the acceleration of a vehicle. The smaller a gear is, the faster a vehicle will accelerate, but the lower its top speed will be. This is because the smaller a gear is, the more rpms your motor must turn in order to maintain a lower speed. Smaller gears are most often used as the first gear of a transmission in order to get the vehicle moving in a quick manner.

By shifting into higher gears that increase in size, the vehicle is able to maintain the same speed the smaller gear enables while utilizing a lower rpm of your motor. This enables your vehicle to accelerate to a higher top speed while still benefiting from a fast acceleration. Without this type of unit on a vehicle, people would be left with either a very low top speed that you would be able to get to quickly, or you would have a high top speed that would take a very long time to accelerate to.

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