There Is No Stretch Mark Cure

Common stretch marks (striae) are a kind of scarring on the skin that creates a visable off-color are on the body. Stretch marks are caused by traumau to the dermis. This kind of damage to the dermis will across time go away, but usually not completely. Rapid stretching of the skin is the primary cause of stretch marks. This in turn can be caused by rapid growth or loss of weight or by giving birth. In fact Stretch marks are quite common in pregnant women in the last few months of their pregnancy due to very rapid weight gain brought about by a rapidly developing baby. Treatment options for stretch marks include Tretinoin cream, laser therapy, vitamin e, and moisturizers, but for the most part none of these are particularly effective. The degree of success an individual will have using these treatments will depend on many factors including their age, their diet, the skin tone prior to the condition, and the actual cause of the condition. Over-the-counter remedies for stretch marks are readily available but are not regarded as effective by most of the medical community. Some people have better luck with products that act to mask these marks such as home tanning substances. The best advice anyone with stretch marks can take involves simply talking to a dermatologist. It is important to understand that once stretch marks have begun to appear, it is critcal to begin treatment as soon as possible while they are still just the color red or purple, and before they change color again. At this state they are more likely to respond to any treatment you may undertake.

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